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Holes Book Blog
Wednesday, 22 September 2004


Posted by teachfine at 5:09 PM EDT
After Chapter 3
Even though Stanley's family had bad luck, they remained hopeful. How can YOU have hope even though you're at Arrowhead Ranch?

Posted by teachfine at 5:01 PM EDT
Chapter 4
We have met the main character Stanley. How are YOU like him? How are YOU different from him? .

Posted by teachfine at 5:00 PM EDT
Chapter 6
Was Stanley's problem bad luck, destiny, or the fault of the curse on his great great grandfather, and why?

Posted by teachfine at 4:59 PM EDT
Chapter 9
Why is "Caveman" a good nickname for Stanley?

Posted by teachfine at 4:59 PM EDT
Chapter 13
Stanley was trying to decide whether to help X-Ray or be selfish. Then, he was discovered before he could decide. Why should he have been selfish? Why should he have given the object to X-Ray?

Posted by teachfine at 4:58 PM EDT
Chapter 16
Do you think that Stanley's mother really knows it is a bad place? Tell why you think the way you do.

Posted by teachfine at 4:57 PM EDT
Chapter 19
Why did Stanley take the blame for stealing the sunflower seeds? Is he really just trying to take care of himself? Explain.

Posted by teachfine at 4:56 PM EDT
Chapter 21
Why didn't Stanley tell them about the poison fingernail polish? Explain your ideas.

Posted by teachfine at 4:56 PM EDT
Chapter 24
If you were Stanley, and if you wrote in a journal about what you did every day, write about this day: "Dear Diary, today when I woke up and went to breakfast, I saw Mr. Sir's face. ..."

Posted by teachfine at 4:55 PM EDT

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