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Mrs. Fine's Class

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Welcome to our class page. Our class is involved in many internet projects this year. Check out the links above. As you can see, we are working on many exciting projects.

In our literacy block time, we have started using "blogs" to make our literature group discussions more interesting. Click on the Schoolblogs link to learn all about them. We love the science fair. Our link to the science fair will give you a lot of good information to find yourself an exciting science project. Try out Mrs. Fine's quiz on the Scientific Method. Since the Olympics were in Greece this year, we got to learn all about the culture and history of the Greek people. Check out the Greece link to see just some of the fascinating things we learned. If you want to have some real fun, try doing a WebQuest. We use WebQuest in social studies, science, and even reading! Teachers, for you there is also some great Rubrics on our Rubrics page. Finally, see Our Favorite Sites. You will surely find something to enjoy.

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