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James and the Giant Peach Book Blog
Monday, 13 September 2004


Posted by teachfine at 2:14 PM EDT

The creatures inside the peach were waiting for James. How did they know he would come and who he was? How did the creatures and furniture get inside the peach? When?

Posted by teachfine at 2:12 PM EDT

Centipede called himself a pest. In what ways was he? James decided he liked the Centipede. Why?

Posted by teachfine at 2:11 PM EDT

Everyone knew the sharks were cruising around the peach, but they were "too frightened to admit it." Explain what this means. Has this ever happened to you? Describe when and how you felt like this.

Posted by teachfine at 2:10 PM EDT

When they found out there wasn't any damage to the peach, Old-Green-Grasshopper suggested: "Perhaps we were all so frightened that we simply imagined it." Has this happened to you? Describe when, and how you felt like this.

Posted by teachfine at 2:09 PM EDT

Which of the creatures is decent, yet treated unfairly? Why? How do you feel about such creatures? Explain if this is sensible or not.

Posted by teachfine at 2:08 PM EDT

Imagine having ears on you stomach and legs. How would life be different for you? Give examples.

Posted by teachfine at 2:07 PM EDT

Poor Centipede! He sure was in a predicament after the Cloud-Men spilled purple pain all over him. Who was enjoying his predicament? Why?

Posted by teachfine at 2:06 PM EDT

Do you think the creatures' jobs suited them? What other jobs would you suggest for them?

Posted by teachfine at 2:05 PM EDT

Which of the characters in the story did you like the best? Why? Which do you think it most like yourself? Explain.

Posted by teachfine at 2:04 PM EDT

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