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  1. Where in the world are rain forests located?
  2. What is the climate of a rain forest like?
  3. What kinds of plants and animals live in the rain forest?
  4. What are the layers in the rain forest? Name and describe each one.
  5. Why are rain forests important to us?
  6. Why are people cutting down rain forests?
  7. What are some of the problems caused by deforestation?
  8. What are three things kids can do to help save the rain forest?

Clues (Web Sites)

Talk It Over

Now that you have discovered some of the treasures of the rain forest, talk over these questions:
  • Why do you think rain forests are important to us even if we don't live near one?
  • What would happen if all rain forests were destroyed?
  • What do you think should be done about the rain forest problem?

Animals Speak Out!

Imagine you are a rain forest animal that has been given the power of speech. What would you say to humans about rain forest destruction? In the lower corner of a large sheet of paper or poster board, draw a small picture of your favorite rain forest animal. Then draw a large speech bubble next to the animal. Write your animal's speech in the bubble. Be sure to tell why the rain forest is important and what should be done about the rain forest problem.




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