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In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Blog
Thursday, 19 August 2004


Posted by teachfine at 2:01 PM EDT
After Chapter 1
Why does Bandit think she is going to get in big trouble for the broken urn?

Posted by teachfine at 1:58 PM EDT
After Chapter 2
What did Shirley insist on doing to help her dad that nowadays you wouldn't be able to do? Why would you not be able to do it?

Posted by teachfine at 1:57 PM EDT
After Chapter 3
At first, Shirley's classmates were really glad to have her in their class. Gradually, Shirley felt more and more lonely. Why do you think that was?

Posted by teachfine at 1:56 PM EDT
After Chapter 5
What was the meaning of the folktale of "Wispy Whiskers" and how does it relate to Shirley?

Posted by teachfine at 1:56 PM EDT
After Chapter 8
What is the one thing that Father did not let Shirley do? Why?

Posted by teachfine at 1:55 PM EDT
Chapter 9
Why do you think that Shirley dreamed she was back in China and all her relatives just pointed at her and laughed? Had she changed since she had left China?

Posted by teachfine at 1:53 PM EDT
After Chapter 10 and 11
What was it that Tommy said about the Dodgers that made him an outcast? Do you think he really meant it?

Posted by teachfine at 1:52 PM EDT
Chapter 12
In what ways were Shirley and Jackie Robinson alike?

Posted by teachfine at 1:51 PM EDT

Posted by teachfine at 1:48 PM EDT

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