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Stone Fox Book Blog
Tuesday, 17 August 2004



Posted by teachfine at 11:42 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 17 August 2004 11:52 AM EDT
Chapter 1 "Grandfather"
From what the author has told you, what do you like most about little Willy's grandfather? What do you like about your grandfather or some other special older person in your life?

Posted by teachfine at 11:40 AM EDT
Chapter 2 "Little Willy"
What does the author tell you in this story that lets you know that little Willy is responsible?

Posted by teachfine at 11:38 AM EDT
Chapter 3 "Searchlight"
What does the author tell you in this story that lets you know that little Willy is smart?

Posted by teachfine at 11:37 AM EDT
Chapter 4 "The Reason"
Why do you think this chapter was called "The Reason."?

Posted by teachfine at 11:36 AM EDT
Chapter 5 "The Way"
What does Grandfather mean when he says, "Where there's a will, there's a way."?

Posted by teachfine at 11:34 AM EDT
Chapter 6 "Stone Fox"
Stone Fox and little Willy both had their own reasons for wanting the prize money from the race. Which reason is better and why?

Posted by teachfine at 11:33 AM EDT
Chapter 7 "The Meeting"
Stone Fox hit little Willy. Do you think he deserved to be hit? How would you have done if Stone Fox hit you?

Posted by teachfine at 11:31 AM EDT
Chapter 8 "The Day"
Why do you think little Willy lied about the cause of his black eye? What would you have done?

Posted by teachfine at 11:30 AM EDT
Chapter 9 "The Race"
Why do you think Little Willy's Grandfather found the strength to look out the window as Lilly Willy raced by?

Posted by teachfine at 11:29 AM EDT

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