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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Blog
Friday, 13 August 2004

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Posted by teachfine at 2:55 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 13 August 2004 3:43 PM EDT
After Chapter 9
Fudge gets lost at the movies. What did they do?
Were you ever lost? When and where? Also, how did you feel?

Posted by teachfine at 2:54 PM EDT
After Chapter 8
Fudge becomes an actor. How would you feel if you were Peter? Why?

Posted by teachfine at 2:53 PM EDT
After Chapter 7
Peter needs to do a project on Transportation. What topic does he choose? What topics can he include in his project?

Posted by teachfine at 2:52 PM EDT
After Chapter 6
How did Peter and Fudge's Mom get Fudge to do what she needed him to do? Do you think it was a good idea? Why or why not?

Posted by teachfine at 2:52 PM EDT
After Fudge's Party....
Describe Fudge's Party. What was your favorite part and why? Describe the best birthday party you ever had or one in which you were invited.

Posted by teachfine at 2:51 PM EDT
Fudge seems to get into a lot of trouble! If he were your brother, what would you do to make sure he stays out of trouble? Do you think it will help?

Posted by teachfine at 2:50 PM EDT

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