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Bridge to Terabithia Blog
Friday, 13 August 2004


Make a prediction based on the cover of this book what you think might happen in this story.

Posted by teachfine at 3:37 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 26 August 2004 2:01 PM EDT
Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.
Why do you think Jess likes May Belle better than the rest of his family? Do you like someone else better in your family? Why?

Posted by teachfine at 3:29 PM EDT
Leslie Burke
Why do you think Jess' father reacted the way he did when Jess told him he wanted to be an artist?

Posted by teachfine at 3:27 PM EDT
The Fastest Kid in the Fifth Grade
Why do you think Gary does not want Jess to race? Would you have done the same thing if you were Gary? Why?

Posted by teachfine at 3:26 PM EDT
Rulers of Terabithia
Why do you think Jess and Leslie avoided each other at school? Would you have done the same and why?

Posted by teachfine at 3:25 PM EDT
Giant Killers
Who do you think is the real giant in Jess and Leslie's life? Why do you think this?

Posted by teachfine at 3:24 PM EDT
The Coming of Prince Terrien
What caused Jess to not get off the bus at his normal stop? What would you have done?

Posted by teachfine at 3:23 PM EDT
The Golden Room
Compare the relationship Jess and Leslie have with their fathers.

Posted by teachfine at 3:21 PM EDT
Why do you think Leslie decided she wanted to go to church with Jess' family?

Posted by teachfine at 3:20 PM EDT
The Evil Spell
Why do you think this chapter is called The Evil Spell?

Posted by teachfine at 3:19 PM EDT

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