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A Wrinkle in Time Book Blog
Wednesday, 22 September 2004


Posted by teachfine at 1:09 PM EDT

In your opinion why do the three children accept the three Mrs. W' rather than fear them?

Posted by teachfine at 1:07 PM EDT

In what ways does Meg seem like any other young person? In what ways are her feelings similar to yours?

Posted by teachfine at 1:07 PM EDT

The people on the plant Camazotz have no crime, no responsibility, and no decisions to make. What is so wrong with their society?

Posted by teachfine at 1:06 PM EDT

Mrs. Whatsit and the children name well-known figures from our civilization who have fought against the darknesws. Whom would you add to the list?

Posted by teachfine at 1:05 PM EDT

Why must Meg go alone to Camazotz? How is her relationship with Charles Wallace important to her ability to free him?

Posted by teachfine at 1:04 PM EDT

Do you believe IT is finally defeated at the end of the book? Why or why not?

Posted by teachfine at 1:04 PM EDT
Friday, 10 September 2004
Post your favorite quotes!
As you are reading, share with us some of your favorite and intriguing or thought provoking quotes from your book.

Posted by teachfine at 1:40 PM EDT

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